Saturday, June 4, 2011

Collections from Alexander Kolchin (SK collections)
At this time I'm introducing you book - a collection. Yes, it sounds a little funny.However, in this autumn collection 2003, I joined many of their favorite songs, who listened during 2001 and 2003, which, however, were almost not included in other collections.
In this collection, a lover of World Music , Music in the style of New Age , and even more in the style of Enigmatik - will find a lot of interesting tracks. This is truly a colorful bouquet of a variety of products. But all of them distinguished by something mystical, something enicheskoe - in general, how I love ...
Traveller (2003) compilation SK
If we talk about the idea of the collection - everything here is clear. In fact, I was a lover of travel. For me, the change of place and environment - is vital, otherwise I get depressed. So in this collection I have included many songs that I associate with the various trips in which I actively listened to them. Deep Forest - La Legende Part 2 - the first time I consciously went to the Russian North.  Schiller - Ruhe - travel along the eastern Moscow area, and Mars Lasar - Holiness brings me memories of the beautiful autumn pore 2001.
01 Karunesh_Solitude.mp3
02 Enigma - Push the Limits.mp3
03 Mac Dowell & Krell - Moving into Achetaton.mp3
2004 Douglas Spotted Eagle - Tears alone.mp3
05 Deep Forest - La legende part 2.mp3
06 Celestial - Nepal.mp3
07 Adia - Sona.mp3
08 Nurat Faten Ali Khan - Taboo.mp3
09 Deep Forest - Anastasia.mp3
1910 Peter Gabriel - Sky blue.mp3
11 Chris Spheeris - Shahzada.mp3
1912 Mars Lasar - Holiness.mp3
13 Enigma - The screen behind the mirror.mp3
1914 Peter Gabriel - Cloudless.mp3
15 Schiller - Ruhe.mp3

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