Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the unknown blisfull high

It must be 5 am in the morning.  its a plain green landscape with astonishing curves on its waist as if nature made it for the people of this modern age, making it possible to play a game which they call golf. but it is rather inappropriate to even think about the game called golf and the people who would like to play it. it feels like i have travelled back a couple of centuries and awaken at this moment to have some cool air to pleasure my existence. i am almost at the base of this massive mountain like landscape which is standing like a wall in front of me. there are couple of isolated small trees on its surface as if they are there to guide me on the way ahead. i decide to move ahead to the unknown high leaving a mystical landscape glowing with the  calm embrace of the morning fog. I whisper a warm good bye to a  stream flowing by the edge of the fog curling inside out with accompany of those enigmatic stones as if they are guiding her in the similar way these trees are to lure my eyes to the unknown. the unknown blissful high.
i move on the path upward to the cloud of fog. i feel very attached to the environment. it has produced a swirling vortex within myself that continues to exhilarate me. as i glide my way up through the fog, millions of energy cells from the green surrounding and the mystical fog made their way through my self. i am uplifted on my each step and approached to a curve where there is a massive tree with the stone steps made on its base for the comfort of the journeyman. as i sat on its lap, a tiny wooden tent came to my view on my far away right. then a stirring sound of  woodfire.  i move to the tent where i saw a woman sitting in front of the fire waiting for the milk to come to boil. she respond to me in rather familiar way, calling me out to grab a wooden stool and sit next to fire. "you look alone and got no stuff too" she said. 
my fingers approached my lips and start caressing it. it finds myself, it assures my existence. 
it must have taken only a while since i find myself on the top of the landscape i was climbing on. Or is it the world around that has made an illusory impact on me? i do not seek answer. Because it is right around my eyes. In the distance, all i can see is a vast green forest which is wearing its crown made of fog. it is bordered by a huge foggy blue country, which spread near to the base of the mountain i am standing on. i am near to the edge and i have to continue surfing on its orbit down to the blue. blue is the water. it is all there is in my vision. it is all there is in my ears. it is all there is in the air. it is all there is everywhere. the gravity, the motion, the impression on its surrounding, the illusion and the existence that is nourished by it. 
it is what the beginning of myself and the disappearance of my illusion to the eternity. sleep.


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